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10 interesting facts about Aqua Regia

Aqua regia, the solution that can dissolve gold and platinum is a mixture of two powerful acids highly used in industry. Here are top 10 facts about aqua regia that everybody should know.

  1. Aqua regia means regal water in Latin language.
  2. Despite its name, aqua regia is not water; it is a mixture of acids; Aqua regia is 1 part nitric acid HNO3 and 3 parts hydrochloric acid HCl.
  3. Aqua regia can dissolve gold and platinum.
  4. Aqua regia is used to produce chloroauric acid which is used for refining highest quality gold.
  5. Aqua regia is produced immediately before use because it loses its properties.
  6. Aqua regia was discovered around the year 800 AD by the alchemist Geber.
  7. Aqua regia produces an explosion when in contact with any organic compound (any C – H bond).
  8. Aqua regia is produced by adding nitric acid over hydrochloric acid, never vice versa.
  9. Aqua regia has to be manipulated only wearing protective equipment and in a safety environment.
  10. Aqua regia if stored might explode.

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