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15 interesting facts about the noble gases

These 15 facts and information about noble gases are true for each chemical element of the noble gases group. For detailed information for each of the noble gases please see the Index page.

  1. Noble gases have complete valence of the outer shell.
  2. Noble gases were known as rare gases or inert gases (for their low reactivity).
  3. Noble gases are inert and very stable.
  4. Noble gases exist in nature as monatomic (single atom) gases.
  5. Noble gases are in gaseous state under normal conditions.
  6. Noble gases have the largest ionization energies.
  7. Noble gases have low electronegativities.
  8. Noble gases are colorless, tasteless, and odorless.
  9. Noble gases behave similarly under normal conditions.
  10. Noble gases have melting and boiling point close together.
  11. Noble gases are nonflammable under standard conditions.
  12. Most noble gases were discovered by Sir William Ramsay (Scottish chemist).
  13. Noble gases have stable isotopes (except radon).
  14. All noble gases are used to create inert atmosphere because they are very stable (they do have many other uses).
  15. Noble gases are mostly found in the Earth’s atmosphere and very little in the Earth’s crust.

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