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19 interesting facts about Carbon and its compounds

  1. Carbon was not formed during the Big Bang. Carbon needs special conditions to be formed.
  2. Carbon occurs in all living organisms so it is the basis of Organic Chemistry.
  3. Carbon can form about 10 million compounds with almost all other elements from Mendeleev Periodic Table.
  4. Carbon compounds have limitless uses. Almost everything is based on Carbon and almost everything can't exist without Carbon.
  5. Carbon has the highest melting point of all elements.
  6. Carbon is a non-toxic element and it is harmless for human body. However, in large quantities can be harmful.
  7. 18.5% of human body's mass is form by Carbon.
  8. Carbon is the cause of global warming.
  9. Compounds that contain Carbon are in greater number than compounds that don't contain Carbon.
  10. Diamond (which is just Carbon) has the highest thermal conductivity.
  11. 30% of car tires are Carbon black which gives them the black color.
  12. Carbon is part of the result of Helium burning.
  13. Carbon undergoes nuclear fusion reactions in heavy stars to make neon, magnesium and oxygen.
  14. Graphene (which is just Carbon) has a 2D crystal structure.
  15. Although Carbon forms many compounds, it is considered a non reactive element.
  16. Carbon is continually re-used and recycled being transferred from one part of the Earth to another one, including living organisms. This is called Carbon cycle.
  17. Carbon dioxide is used by plants in photosynthesis. Without it plants will not exist. Carbon monoxide on the other side is very toxic and it is responsible of many poisoning fatalities.
  18. Carbon fiber is a well know material mainly made by Carbon crystals, very resistant and light weight having a multitude of applications.
  19. All plastics are made up of Carbon polymers.

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