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Name: Berkelium
Symbol: Bk
Number of Energy Levels: 7
Electrons on the outer energy level: 2
Atomic number: 97
Atomic Mass: 247 Amu (Atomic Mass Units)
Protons/Electrons: 97
Neutrons: 150
Density: 14.78 g/cm3
Classification: Rare Earth

Berkelium | Chemical elements

Berkelium was discovered in 1949 by G. T. Seaborg. It was named after Berkley, California. Berkelium’s melting point is at 986.0 °C (1259 K, 1807.0 °F) and its boiling point is at 2627 °C (2900 K ​, ​4760 °F).

Top 9 interesting facts about Berkelium

  1. Berkelium is a soft and silver metal.
  2. Berkelium is very radioactive.
  3. Berkelium is used just for research purposes.
  4. Berkelium is produced in nuclear reactors mainly in the USA and Russia.
  5. Over 20 isotopes of berkelium are known; all of them are radioactive.
  6. Berkelium-247 has the longest half-life, 1380 years.
  7. Berkelium-247 can maintain chain reaction therefore it could be use as nuclear fuel.
  8. Berkelium is use to prepare heavier elements.
  9. Berkelium is found on Earth in the areas where atomic tests took place.

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