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Name: Beryllium
Symbol: Be
Number of Energy Levels: 2
Electrons on the outer energy level: 2
Atomic Number: 4
Atomic Mass: 9.012182 Amu
Protons/Electrons: 4
Neutrons: 5
Density: 1.8477 g/cm3
Classification: Alkaline Earth

Beryllium | Chemical elements

Beryllium = Beryl – a mineral that contains Beryllium. The name Beryllium was officially accepted in 1957.

Top 10 interesting facts about beryllium

  1. Beryllium was discover in 1798 by Fredrich Wohler. It was earlier observed by Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin, a French chemist, in 1763.
  2. It is mainly obtained from mineral beryl and bertrandite through electrolysis.
  3. Beryllium is use as a moderator in nuclear reactors (nuclear industry) and in ceramics. Combined with cooper, Beryllium forms a resistant material called beryllium bronze which is used in gyroscopes and other devices where wear resistant is crucial. This alloy is also extensively use in car industry, aircraft industry, IT industry etc. Space shuttle uses Beryllium extensively in windshields and different other parts.
  4. Brake disks have Beryllium in their composition.
  5. Spot-welding electrodes are made of Beryllium combined with Nickel.
  6. Because Beryllium doesn’t absorb X-ray, it is used to make windows for X-ray machines.
  7. Beryllium costs about $154/pound.
  8. Beryllium’s melting point is at 1287 centigrade and boiling point at 2500 centigrade.
  9. Beryllium has a sweet taste but it is harmful for human body. Do not taste or eat Beryllium.
  10. Beryllium is part of Alkaline Earth Metals and it is the lightest among this elements. It can’t be find freely in nature.

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