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Name: Helium
Symbol: He
Number of Energy Levels: 1
Electrons on the outer energy level: 2
Atomic Number: 2
Atomic Mass: 4.002602 Amu
Protons/Electrons: 2
Neutrons: 2
Density: 0.1785 g/cm3
Classification: Noble-Gas

Helium | Chemical elements

Helium = Helios (which means sun in Greek

Helium - Top 12 interesting facts about helium

  1. Helium was discovered in 1895 by Sir William Ramsay (officially); it was earlier observed by Pierre Jensen in 1868.
  2. Helium has the lowest melting and boiling point among all elements in the Mendeleev Periodic Table (melting point is at -272.0 centigrade and boiling point is at -268.6 centigrade).
  3. Helium is the second lightest element after Hydrogen.
  4. Although Helium is not a common element on the Earth, it is the second abundant element in the Universe.
  5. About a quarter of the Universe mass is make up of Helium atoms.
  6. Helium is mostly obtained from natural gas and it is colorless, tasteless, odorless and inert (Helium has little or no ability to react).
  7. Helium is also a non-toxic element.
  8. Helium is safer than Hydrogen to be use in airships and air-balloons because it is inflammable.
  9. Helium is commonly know for it’s capacity of changing the voice’s sound of the person who inhales it and for party balloons that are filled with it.
  10. Helium helps reducing the effects of narcosis in diving when it is mixed with Oxygen.
  11. Helium is used as a cooling agent in cryogenics.
  12. Helium is also used for treating asthma.

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