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Name: Holmium
Symbol: Ho
Number of Energy Levels: 6
Electrons on the outer energy level: 2
Atomic number: 67
Atomic Mass: 104.93031 Amu (Atomic Mass Units)
Protons/Electrons: 67
Neutrons: 98
Density: 8.54 g/cm3
Classification: Rare Earth

Holmium | Chemical elements

Holmium was discovered in 1878 by Jaques-Louis Soret and Marc Delafontain. Its name derives from the Latin word "Holmia" which means "Stockholm". Holmium’s melting point is at 1470.0 °C (1743.15 K, 2678.0 °F) and its boiling point is at 2720.0 °C (2993.15 K, 4928.0 °F).

Top 13 interesting facts about Holmium

  1. Holmium is malleable, soft, and silvery-white rare-earth metal.
  2. Holmium is not found freely in nature due to its high reactivity.
  3. Holmium is stable in air at room temperature but reacts with it when heated.
  4. Holmium reacts with water.
  5. Holmium is the 56th most abundant element in Earth’s crust.
  6. Holmium is produced from monazite mineral.
  7. Holmium has the highest magnetic strength.
  8. There is only one naturally occurring stable isotope of holmium, holmium-165.
  9. The main producers of holmium are China and the USA.
  10. Holmium is used to create artificial magnetic fields.
  11. Other uses of holmium are: in microwave medical equipment, colorant in glass industry, for calibration in gamma ray spectrometers, and in nuclear reactors as a burnable poison.
  12. Holmium element has no known biological role in human body but its salts stimulate metabolism.
  13. Holmium is considered of a low level toxicity.

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