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Name: Lanthanum
Symbol: La
Number of Energy Levels: 6
Electrons on the outer energy level: 2
Atomic number: 57
Atomic Mass: 138.9055 Amu (Atomic Mass Units)
Protons/Electrons: 57
Neutrons: 82
Density: 6.7 g/cm3
Classification: Rare Earth

Lanthanum | Chemical elements

Lanthanum was discovered in 1839 by Carl Mosander. Its name derives from the Greek word "lanthaneis" which means "to lie hidden". Lanthanum’s melting point is at 920.0 °C (1193.15 K, 1688.0 °F) and its boiling point is at 3469.0 °C (3742.15 K, 6276.2 °F).

Top 14 interesting facts about Lanthanum

  1. Lanthanum is a silvery white metal.
  2. Lanthanum is soft, malleable and ductile metal.
  3. Lanthanum oxidizes fast in the presence of air.
  4. Lanthanum reacts with water.
  5. Lanthanum reacts with all halogens.
  6. Lanthanum is found in some rare minerals (monazite and bastnasite) in combination with other rare metals.
  7. Lanthanum has only one stable isotope, 139-La.
  8. Lanthanum is part of Rare Earth Metals group but it is not a rare element on Earth.
  9. Lanthanum is used in nickel-metal hybrid batteries.
  10. Lanthanum is also used in hydrogen sponge alloys in energy conservation systems.
  11. Lanthanum is used in lighter flints.
  12. Lanthanum is used in vacuum tubes, fiber-optic communication systems, carbon arc lamps for studio lightning, special lenses, welding electrodes, radiometric dating for estimating the age of rocks etc.
  13. In medicine Lanthanum is used to absorb phosphate in case of end-stage renal failure.
  14. Lanthanum does not have any known biological role.

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