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Name: Lithium
Symbol: Li
Number of Energy Levels: 2
Electrons on the outer energy level: 1
Atomic Number: 3
Atomic Mass: 6.941 Amu
Protons/Electrons: 3
Neutrons: 4
Density: 0.53 g/cm3
Classification: Alkali-Metal

Lithium | Chemical elements

Lithium = Lithos (which means "stone" in Greek)

Top 11 interesting facts about lithium

  1. Lithium was discovered by Johan Arfvedson in 1817. He was analyzing minerals from the island of Uto in Sweden.
  2. Lithium is the lightest metal and it has a melting point of 180.54 centigrade and a boiling point of 1347 centigrade.
  3. Lithium’s density is about a half of water’s density.
  4. Lithium reacts with water and has a silver/white color.
  5. Lithium is very flammable and very corrosive. The flame produced by Lithium when it is burning has a red color. It requires special handling.
  6. Lithium exists in solid state and as a liquid over a wide temperature range.
  7. The most common usage of Lithium is in battery anodes (rechargeable battery technology) but not only. It is also use in synthesizing organic compounds and medical applications.
  8. Lithium can not be found freely in nature. It is obtained in laboratory from chloride.
  9. Lithium bombarded with neutrons produces tritium, an element used in nuclear applications.
  10. Lithium is also used to produce Lithium stearate, a high-temperature lubricant.
  11. Scientists believe that Lithium was produced within three minutes from the Big Bang.

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