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Name: Mendelevium
Symbol: Md
Number of Energy Levels: 7
Electrons on the outer energy level: 2
Atomic number: 101
Atomic Mass: 258 Amu (Atomic Mass Units)
Protons/Electrons: 101
Neutrons: 157
Density: unknown g/cm3
Classification: Rare Earth

Mendelevium | Chemical elements

Mendelevium was discovered in 1955 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. It was named after Dimitri Mendeleev. Mendelevium’s melting point is at 827 °C (1100 K, 1521 °F) and its boiling point is unknown.

Top 7 interesting facts about Mendelevium

  1. Mendelevium is a man-made radioactive element.
  2. Mendelevium can only be produced in particle accelerators.
  3. Mendelevium can not be currently produced in bulk quantities.
  4. Mendelevium has 16 known isotopes.
  5. Mendelevium’s most stable isotope is 258-Md with a half-life of 51 days.
  6. Mendelevium’s most common isotope is 256-Md with a half-life of 1.27 hours.
  7. Mendelevium is used just for scientific research.

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