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Name: Polonium
Symbol: Po
Number of Energy Levels: 6
Electrons on the outer energy level: 6
Atomic number: 84
Atomic Mass: 209.0 Amu (Atomic Mass Units)
Protons/Electrons: 84
Neutrons: 125
Density: 9.4 g/cm3
Classification: Metalloid

Polonium | Chemical elements

Polonium was discovered in 1898 by Pierre and Marie Curie. Its name derives from the name of the country Poland. Polonium’s melting point is at 254.0 °C (527.15 K, 489.2 °F) and its boiling point is at 962.0 °C (1235.15 K, 1763.6 °F).

Top 15 interesting facts about Polonium

  1. Polonium is a very rare element.
  2. Polonium is very radioactive and toxic.
  3. Polonium has 33 isotopes which are not stable isotopes.
  4. Polonium is chemically similar to tellurium and bismuth.
  5. Polonium can be found in uranium ores.
  6. Polonium is also found in the smoke produced by cigarettes.
  7. Polonium does not have common natural compounds but synthetic compounds created in laboratory conditions.
  8. Polonium was used in the atomic bombs of World War 2.
  9. Polonium is obtained from bismuth by irradiating it with high-energy neutrons or protons or from platinum by irradiating it with carbon nuclei.
  10. Polonium is produced in Russia in very small quantities (100g per year).
  11. Polonium is used as an atomic heat source in space rovers and satellites.
  12. Polonium is used in nuclear weapons as an initiator.
  13. Polonium is used for inspection of oil wells in Russia.
  14. Polonium is used as a source of neutrons and alpha particles.
  15. Polonium is very toxic to human body and has no biological role.

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