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Name: Seaborgium
Symbol: Sg
Number of Energy Levels: 7
Electrons on the outer energy level: 2
Atomic number: 106
Atomic Mass: 269 Amu (Atomic Mass Units)
Protons/Electrons: 106
Neutrons: 157
Density: 35.0 g/cm3
Classification: Transition Metal

Seaborgium | Chemical elements

Seaborgium was discovered in 1974 at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory. Seaborgium was named after Glenn Seaborg, who discovered many of the transuranium elements. Seaborgium’s melting and boiling points are unknown.

Top 8 interesting facts about Seaborgium

  1. Seaborgium is a man-made element created in laboratory.
  2. Seaborgium is a radioactive element.
  3. Seaborgium’s most stable isotope (271-Seaborgium) has a half life of only 1.9 minutes.
  4. Seaborgium’s newer discovered isotope, 269-Seaborgium, is believed to have a slightly longer half-life (2.1 minutes).
  5. Seaborgium is considered as heavier homologue of tungsten (based on chemical experiments).
  6. Glenn Seaborg was alive at the time when seaborgium was named after his name.
  7. Seaborgium is used for research purposes only.
  8. Seaborgium might be used in the future in cold fusion reactors.

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