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Name: Silicon
Symbol: Si
Number of Energy Levels: 3
Electrons on the outer energy level: 4
Atomic number: 14
Atomic Mass: 28.0855 Amu (Atomic Mass Units)
Protons/Electrons: 14
Neutrons: 14
Density: 2.329 g/cm3
Classification: Metalloid

Silicon | Chemical elements

Silicon was discovered in 1823 by Jons Berzelius. It takes its name from the Latin word "silex" which means "flint". Its melting point is at 1410.0 °C (1683.15 K, 2570.0 °F) and boiling point at 2355.0 °C (2628.15 K, 4271.0 °F).

Top 11 interesting facts and information about silicon

  1. Silicon is the eight most common element in the universe by mass.
  2. Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth crust by mass (28%) after Oxygen.
  3. Silicon is hardly ever found as a pure element but in compounds (it is widely spread in dust and sand, and different forms of silicates).
  4. Silicon is widely use in industrial building without being separated from its compounds.
  5. Bricks, cement, mortar, and concrete are few of the usage of silicon in building industry.
  6. Silicon is of a huge importance in porcelain and glass industries.
  7. Elemental silicon (high purified silicon) is essential component of computers’ integrated circuits and high-technology devices.
  8. Plants use silicon in their metabolism.
  9. Silicon’s density when liquid is greater than its density when solid.
  10. Silicon forms compounds with many other elements or compounds.
  11. Silicon has three stable isotopes Si-28 (the most common), Si-29, and Si-30.

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