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Name: Ununtrium (Temporary)
Symbol: Uut (Temporary)
Number of Energy Levels: 7 (Predicted)
Electrons on the outer energy level: 3 (Predicted)
Atomic number: 113
Atomic Mass: 286 Amu (Atomic Mass Units) (Predicted)
Protons/Electrons: 113
Neutrons: 173
Density: 16 g/cm3 (Predicted)
Classification: Transition Metal (Predicted)

Ununtrium | Chemical elements

Ununtrium was discovered in 2003 at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia. Ununtriu’s name is temporary. Its melting point is predicted to be at 700 K ​(430 °C, ​810 °F) and its boiling point is predicted to be at 1430 K ​(1130 °C, ​2070 °F).

Top 10 interesting facts about Ununtrium

  1. Ununtrium is a synthetic element created in laboratory and can not be found in nature.
  2. Ununtrium is a chemical element with a temporary name and temporary symbol.
  3. Ununtrium is a very radioactive element.
  4. Ununtrium has six unstable isotopes.
  5. Ununtrium-286 has a half life of 20 seconds and it is the most stable isotope of ununtrium.
  6. Ununtrium is also known as eka-thalium or according to its atomic number as element 113.
  7. Ununtrium is predicted to have some similar properties (and also some major differences) to its lighter homologues boron, aluminum, gallium, indium, and thallium.
  8. Ununtrium’s electrons orbit with a speed comparable to the speed of light.
  9. Ununtrium is used only for research purposes.
  10. Ununtrium has no known biological role.

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